This is from our good friend Drew:  Enjoy!

  1. Climate:  Costa Rica offers Mountains, Volcanoes, Rain Forests and Beaches all within a few hours drive from each other.  Many retired people live near the beach in Guanacaste, but take weekly or monthly excursions to the different natural sites that Costa Rica offers.  From hot springs and massages, to horse riding and zip lining… Costa Rica offers as much (or as little) adventure as you care to have.


  1. Cost of Living:  Costa Rica is unique in that it allows you to live very comfortably while only paying a percentage of what it would cost in North America.  Fresh seafood from the market is a fraction of the price that it is in the U.S. and Canada.  This can also be said about the exotic fruits and vegetables that are brought in to the local markets picked fresh daily.  Internet and cable television are also more reasonably priced so that the locals are able to enjoy the services as well.  A private gardener or a domestic helper is very affordable as well.  Many people that relocate to Costa Rica never do yard work or domestic cleaning as it is so affordable to hire this work out to local workers.


  1. Healthcare:  Costa Rica’s healthcare system is 2nd to none.  Foreigners who are residents of Costa Rica are included in the government’s medical program known as CAJA.  This is an affordable public option that allows treatment to the individual or family that is covered.  One may also attend private doctors and clinics at very affordable rates compared to prices in the United States.  Also, medical tourism is a growing trend where North Americans opt to get cosmetic work done and recover in a beautiful setting such as a beach resort.  All at a fraction of the price of just the surgery alone in North America.


  1. Peace & Stability:  Costa Rica is known as the “Switzerland” of the west.  The locals carry a Pura Vida attitude that resembles the calm tranquil waters of their beaches.  Costa Rica is known as the Central American country with no army.  At first glance this may seem crazy, but when you realize that the money is invested in education and infrastructure it makes better sense.  The country is allied with many strong nations, and has no enemies.  This choice of investment in the children and infrastructure has allowed it to prosper as the best country in Central America.


  1. Lifestyle:  As previously mentioned, one could live down here and afford to have domestic helpers clean and prepare meals.  It is inexpensive to hire gardening work and pool maintenance as well.  Costa Rica has clean drinking water, high speed cable internet throughout and all the luxuries you have come to expect living where you do now.  The nightlife is vibrant with dancing and singing, as well as serene nature settings if you prefer the quite.  There are 2 international airports that allow for easy access to/from multiple countries around the world.  This allows for a melting pot of European, North and South American influence in many of the country’s major cities.   This “melting pot effect” allows for some of the most interesting friendships with people who have traveled the world and speak multiple languages.  As with many countries around the world, you can get by only speaking English in Costa Rica.  However, you will find that the more Spanish you learn… the more fun each day becomes!  Pura Vida!