This is an opinion piece by our guest blogger Drew Dixon:

One question I get often is, “Why Playas del Coco?”. The answer is rather simple once I break it down. First, the weather is second to none. In the southern zone of Costa Rica it is hot and humid for much of the year. The central valley houses the capital, San Jose, fully equipped with the over population and higher rental prices that go with any big city. To the east there is the Caribbean side that receives tremendous amounts of rain throughout the year. That leaves the north-west area of the country with the best weather. The Guanacaste region receives no rain for nearly six months. Then there are about four and a half months of rain in the afternoon for about an hour a day. This leaves about a month or month and a half of true rain season weather. Not a bad way to live when you have 330 days of pure sunshine a year.

Also, the area I live in has very good infrastructure. Freshly paved roads along with multiple grocery stores, restaurants, and night clubs mix very well with a calm beach coastline. Playas del Coco has a fantastic blend of North Americans and Costa Ricans. This allows for more culture when you want it, while being able to speak your native language and eat the burgers and fries you love. There are a few other places that have a fair amount of North American presence. Playas del Coco offers me enough North American comfort while maintaining decent prices for property, rent, and dining around town.

Though I live in the Guanacaste region, I am just a few hours away from many different attractions. I can go to the mountains just a few hours away and sit in the hot spring water. I can take friends and family on a zip lining adventure, or tour the volcanos and national parks. I can do a weekend in San Jose if I need a “big city fix” and try all the different cuisine from around the world. I’ve found that 90% of the time I really just want to stay in a beach town that is populated enough to support the multiple businesses here while still small enough to recognize many of the locals.

Living in Playas del Coco puts you right in the middle of the other 3 main beaches for the area. To the south is Playa Ocotal which is a certified blue beach zone for its pristine condition. To the north there is Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama. Playa Hermosa is one of the calmest and most beautiful beaches in the entire country. It is a bedroom community with many upscale and beautiful places to eat or enjoy the sunset. Playa Hermosa also has a movie theater that the locals go to in order to catch the newest Hollywood flick. Playa Panama is a tranquile beach with a few amazing dining options nearby. There is a portion of the area that is certified as a national park so nothing will ever be built-in certain areas. This is a major draw to many of the people who live in Playa Panama. They have a relaxing and quite lifestyle, and are just minutes away from Coco or Hermosa if they want to dance the night away.

So why Playas del Coco for me? It gives me a great blend of affordability, convenience, nightlife, and most importantly a latin flavor with locals in the community. Between these four beach communities I’m sure you too could easily find a place to call “home”.